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  • Hair Type:
    Remy Natural Hair
  • Length: 
    Lacey : 14” (36 cm)
    Lacey XL : 12" (31cm)
  • Size: 
    Lacey : 3.2” x 5.5” (8 cm x 14 cm) 
    Lacey XL : 6" X 7" (15cm x 18cm)
  • Base Type: 
    Welded Mono with clips
  • Weight: 
    Lacey : 1.6oz (45 g) / Light Density
  • Lacey XL : 3oz (84g) / Medium Density

Lacey VAT Exempt | £ 490.83
Lacey XL VAT Exempt | £ 740.83

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Roasted Vanilla Caramel Rooted
Almond Caramel Spice
Almond Roasted Rooted
Amber Honey Rooted
Toffee Creme Rooted
Dark Brown
Chocolate Pudding
Dark Chocolate Frosted
Vanilla Chai Latte
Iced Dark Chocolate
Roasted Ginger
Tiramisu Blend
Coffee Dolce
Creamy Vanilla Rooted
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